Pixie Dust

Many times what I write is words threaded together in a myriad of thoughts – caught up in situations that stop me in the tracks. I have to catch a breathe, but not for long and so I sometimes put words on the page and what comes about is some sort of poetry but not really. These sort of pieces are emotions and thoughts all meshed up together in a sort of riddle that I decide to share to you. They are the pieces of me that I don’t at times understand. They are flashes of myself that I find hidden and the only time I get a chance to look inside is while I write and before I know it, the window is closed and what I have is what is on the page. I resist the temptation to edit – in order to understand the words and just let it rest, and settle – like dust. For I might find meaning in them later on when I’m not even looking.

These is from me, to you – pick what you may.

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