Scratching an itch?

Who is the police? What really is the role of the people in blue uniform that stand in the middle of traffic, or gather at police stations a few hours later than expected, purporting to be on duty? Who are they? Those who wear green because they supposedly wield more power than those in blue, … Continue reading Scratching an itch?


Looking to God when nothing else works?

When pointing fingers and throwing accusations to people of the opposite camp gives you no advantage over your opponent, Uhuru had to resort to a far more blander perspective of things for which the opposition could not raise eye brows about. In his comments after the Supreme Court's decision to nullify the nation's presidential results, … Continue reading Looking to God when nothing else works?

No cleaner way through “FIRSTS”

A First experience can be daunting because you may have no clue how to deal with what comes your way or you may be disoriented on how you would like to proceed with that situation. However, luckily, or unluckily enough, someone else has already gone through your experience in one way, and wisdom/ information lies … Continue reading No cleaner way through “FIRSTS”

Not All of them

Dear Time Magazine, I am writing concerning the article "The Syrians Next Door" by Robin Shulman/Des Moines published in the Time Magazine issue of November 14th 2016. I was moved by the article for its honesty and clarity, however, I couldn't get myself to continue reading and ignore something that made me particularly disturbed. It … Continue reading Not All of them