On another note

A lot of what I have been able to put down on this blog, pieces that I have at times redrafted and become less and less satisfied with time, have been, with some exceptions, surrounding moments of intense down turns and the recollections of those moments – moments where I felt defeated, down and under, and at other times they have been passing thoughts that I couldn’t let go. And this post here is one of those thoughts that didn’t just pass where after looking back, on the three years that I have typed up and uploaded something, I tended to gaze back at these past moments and shut my eyes. And while I don’t make much promises, at least not carelessly, allow me to follow up on this one for the next couple of months: that I will draw the line that connects from [my] experience to joy, love, friendship, passion, hope and faith – whatever flavor this takes – in pursuit of the Lord who offers all this in abundance. Some bright moments to kick off the last summer of this blog – what do you say?


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