The Strange Story

Time and again, I have proved to myself the superiority of friendship over love. What draws my heart towards one and away from the other?
“Affections spring from nothing. Sometimes a grimace, the carriage of a head can seduce a heart, and keep it.” -Mariama Ba
Affections can spring from nothing? Affections can be nothing. In people, at least those I’ve met, and seen, and understood, is that the body is present, but one should not forget what makes one human. They are flesh and bone as well as spirit and hope. They are brains and thoughts as well as soul and essence. Understanding this makes me careful to evoke one sense and be blindsided by the other. Maybe the body understands but the spirit is away. Maybe the soul cries out but the mind hasn’t cannot reason out.
Dealing with people I have felt the incompleteness that my mind has had even though the body is okay. My soul has been against whatever I rationalize in my head, and it is the crisis of conscience that I suffer when I cannot reconcile spirit with body, soul with mind.
How to deal the cards out evenly? Is a matter of time; a curation of stories, an observance of being. Otherwise, vignettes of a person are lopsided, deceiving and elusive. Collect, if you must, not a single tale of a person, not a single image of a person, not a single idea of a person, but the mirage of all these. Take time to know how each of these makes them strange. I am strange too.


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