Notes: Body Bags & Meat

I am again beginning to take down notes, thoughts, words, ideas, inklings, the sound of wind as it passes by and breaks my stride. The process is a confrontation with my spirit. It requires that demons come out of this in order for me to be able to see them, understand them and know them. To know? Adam knew Eve and Abraham knew Sarah. Knowing is spiritual. It is being able to feel my way through the edges, through the darkness, so that I can describe, sans opening my eyes, what I feel, what I touch, what I breathe.

Is there complete knowing of oneself? Will the knowledge be ephemeral. Do I have to have the knowledge in order to apply it? Where is the space for faith? How do I know that what I know is enough?

The following are more than thoughts, and more of bodily moments, when senses altered and overtook how I understood myself, my being. Follow along in a collection of recollections of the past few months, and the spaces my body has taken me.


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