Man – Sometimes a member of the human race but mostly doesn’t act like it.

Good – Able to at least qualify his actions and not act like his brains are lopsided and they cannot think before performing a course of action.

A Good Man – Here, an example of a good man would do well in shaping a perspective but people are born into different personalities and so examples would be more limiting than helpful. A good man thus, is at least a man and at least good. Anything greater than or equal may qualify.

To Find – Able to see something come to fruition, in this particular context, akin to taking a bite and offering the fruit to the other, placing your faith in them to reciprocate.

A Party – On occasions many things wouldn’t really fit the definition of a party i.e. where you know every single person in that group, where not all of you happen to be in the same place for a similar reason, where the light of the day shines brightly from up the sky, where taking risks in certain situations promises to continue on past that very day. I have done enough in defining what a party is not, you will at many times find your own situation as at times bordering the line, so it is wise to take note which side of the divide you may lie.

Provided with all this information (almost TMI), as you can tell, a man simply canot be good, and in his good state of mind be found at a party. There are certain reasons that a man goes to a party – in fact, a plethora of reasons that add up pretty well to see why the man brought himself, all the way from the comfort of his bed, skipping possibly a hot meal (that he would have prepared himself if lucky, but if not it’s not as if mothers would plainly deny them food without cause) to:

a. agonize himself by spending time with people he does not know

b. have to possibly fend himself for the night

c. have to outmuscle other humans to even fend for himself

d. stay up all night and not think of sleep

e. not be paranoid while staying up all night around people he doesn’t know

f. try “something new”

g. ensure whatever “something new” he tries does not cause any harm.

As you can tell, there are very many permutations of the occurrence of events and little motivation for the good man to plainly take himself to a party. A good man, therefore, in most cases doesn’t take himself to a party to be found. Can’t get simpler than that can we?


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