Love Politics

Nothing is more unsatisfying than empty love. i.e. love that has no basis for existence and just wafts away into being like a bubble in a canned soda- momentarily floating to the top- but popping thereafter the air within that was used to temporarily preserve the liquid substance in the bottle. Be it a longing to have something filled up momentarily by a person, or a thing, or an obsession, unpurposeful love always bubbles up all the way, leaving the soda distasteful and displeasing to the tongue. Bearing in mind that soda can always be recarbonated and look like new again, once opened, the bubbles will always rise to the top, with nothing but empty air, and often go with the wind.

The experience of having someone love you for their own reasons may not justify why you love them, and so one way or another, the question of why you love someone will always creep up and fill your mind while you sleep, eat, walk, and haunt you until you’ve got than answered. Otherwise the other person will always clutch you in between their arms, and hold on to you tightly, hoping that you reciprocate the effort, but in the end, finding out that they were holding on tightly to a leaf, that simply slid off their clasp, fell into the river and drifted away.



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