Hard times and some sunshine

There comes a time when you need to cure yourself often of the intentional schedule of doing this after that after that. Most recently Paramore provided to me, the best antidote to this, with their tunes that found me upside down in my dormroom during the chilliest winter ever. I swear something somewhere froze when I walked down Broadway the other day running errands all over the place. If you ever wondered why they invented winter boots its coz I otherwise would have pretty much slipped on the frozen ice a couple of times if not for them. By all means I don’t enjoy going out in the cold neither do I like opening my eyes to chilling winds blowing onto my already watery eyes. You can say that global warming is felt most here but we are still a couple of years until I’ve had enough of the ever changing weather and having to change my wadrobe every couple of months. Winter is here. And yes, I’ll confess sometimes I have a fetish for the cold months of the year. Firstly because the devil cannot tempt my thoughts into just walking out of my dorm room in the hot summer in only my boxers because the heat is to unbearable if I put on anything else, but also because it’s the only time when the city is quiet, and you are prone to listening to yourself – hibernate under layers of duvets, and watch the snow fall slowly outside the window, uniterrupted by other objects that may catch your attention. And if you thought that the streets of Nairobi are the only ones where you’ll find toy frogs being displayed on the streets in buckets of water, trying to catch the imagination of young todlers, just walk down Canal Street in the winter and you’ll see the toy frogs, quiet and peaceful, frozen by the below zero weather. They lie rather in wait, and will bloom into waddling action when spring comes round the corner. Maybe I should buy one for my ok little neice if nothing else comes to mind. I’m sure she’ll probably play with it for a couple of days, and later see what it’s made off in the inside.

I’m sure making a trip to Abu Dhabi will give me a taste of how sweet the taste of the sun is. I’m pretty sure I can taste that golden yellow orange crispness that lands on my tongue when I open my mouth wide and stretch out my tongueđź‘…, and acknowledge the blessing of the tropical sun that graces the savannah. There are many things that I look forward to this short term trip to Abu Dhabi. One thing is the food, and how different it is, the people, with their culture and lifestyle. What I really look forward to is the feeling of sand underneath my feet, as I brush the sand between my toes, until the heat of the sand is too unbearable for my skin. I kinda hope I’ll get the chance to do this, because my memory of the last time I had this chance, is fuzzy and blurry. Meanwhile, I remain open minded and humble to a new experience. And I hope to be surprised, for blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. So it’s said, but if being meek means having my ass get a muscle pull after sitting in a 12 hour flight to get to the promised land of Abu Dhabi, then I don’t mind the wait.


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