Looking to God when nothing else works?

When pointing fingers and throwing accusations to people of the opposite camp gives you no advantage over your opponent, Uhuru had to resort to a far more blander perspective of things for which the opposition could not raise eye brows about. In his comments after the Supreme Court’s decision to nullify the nation’s presidential results, Uhuru Kenyatta chose to call upon the work of God, in bringing Kenya thus far, and enabling Kenyans to vote peacefully for whichever candidate they chose, and further urging Kenyans of is respect for the law.

In spite of the fact that Raila had been encouraged to go to court to seek justice, it seems that the cards are now stacked against his opponent in this refreshed presidential race. And the only words that Uhuru could muster were those, not of pointing fingers at the opposition party, nor of accusations, but those of a higher calling, to God. Because in front of God, everyone is guilty, in front of God, there are no winners or losers, and most importantly, in front of God, we cannot be the accusers when we are the accused at the very same time.
This might seem like a move, by Uhuru, to purge himself from accusations and blames thrown his way in an aim to try to reach out to those he might appease by his leaning of his spiritual beliefs rather than the same old political blame games, but as Christians, it might be a chance for one to see how much believing in God stretches past divisive lines in politics and tribe. The belief in God is an overstretching unity that looks past what divides us daily.


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