No cleaner way through “FIRSTS”

A First experience can be daunting because you may have no clue how to deal with what comes your way or you may be disoriented on how you would like to proceed with that situation. However, luckily, or unluckily enough, someone else has already gone through your experience in one way, and wisdom/ information lies in the deep corners of friends and family, notwithstanding the vastness of the world wide web where you can jump from one rabbit hole to another, as you look for more and more.

First experiences have a way of turning the skin that you have on your body inside out, revealing your raw undertone in ways you probably didn’t know you could. They have a way of robbing you of the sense of security that ignorance gives you, and they have a way of training your mind to navigate yet another new landscape. So much so that a kind of adrenaline rush to do new stuff may overtake your will, and the next thing you know, you have typed down a bucket list of new stuff to do before you are 25 or 30. Yet, first experiences still carry with them, the dread of an unknown terrain.

So here are our only tip on navigating first experiences:

Don’t even think twice about it, Just do it.

In some way or another, you will definitely grow out of a first experience. Whether it’ll leave you extremely happy, or not, or you wont notice any change, you will have known how it feels to go through the experience, and that knowledge, no matter how itty bitsy it might feel, or overwhelming it is, is better than naivete.



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