Spend thirty minutes brushing your teeth, combing that hair, picking your best clothes, and making sure you smell good. Think about what you are gonna say to the class when it’s your turn to speak. Think of what you are gonna present in that meeting in a few hours.

The truth is, when someone steps up to do something, they are all different in different ways, and different levels, with different personas. And no matter how hard one may try, your neuron makeup will always tick at a different speed, and your heart beat will always accelerate at a different pace compare to the other person. So where do these people who move so eloquently within the tribe get their mojo? It is in built for some people, as one of my friends told me, while it is also a matter of courage, for one other friend of mine. But mustering this effort, and being free is a life skill that isn’t so easy to call into action at the time when mst needed, partly probably because the path doesn’t have to many footsteps upon it so you can’t quite clearly draw your path, and you fear that if a sandstorm hits, it will cover all the footsteps of encouragement.

Do we blame those who raised us up like our parents or guardians for not playing a role in shaping how we see ourselves? It might be just that the opportunities for self-expression, embarrassments, and self gratification were thrown away into the distant black holes of our memories such that it is hard to find any source of juice for that hungry needy child inside that knows no bounds. Either way, I have figured so far, that the only cure for this is not thinking to much about it. Be spontaneous, without plans, and your days won’t go by so fast, coz time+thinking=fear