The Music Album that saved me

I listen to a lot of music; and by a lot I mean lots of it-like my library of 25,000 songs. Now you may call me a music hoarder, and yes of course I am. Having this many songs in your song library can be daunting, because, then immediately, you’ve got a problem-which music do I listen to? Sometimes I do sample my music, creating a random genius playlist and allow itunes to shuffle the music for me. This works, but as you can guess, the software cannot always tell what music I really wanna hear.

Since its release in 2013, London Grammar’s album, titled “If you wait”, remained in the peripheries of my music taste, and I never came across it until last year. This is the sort of music that I didn’t know I needed it until I actually listened to it. The album, in three words-soulful, understanding, conscious. It was with a bland face that I first listened to the album, trying to understand it, trying to feel it ring in my hear, and play the tuned that funneled through the large headphones covering my ears. And needless to say, over a short time, its as if the music seemed to come alive, and understand me. Now, it’s not everyday that music can come alive. It’s only in those rare moments- such as drunken, hyper-filled parties, and when the DJ is playing the jam that so syncs with everything that even if you never loved te song, you seem to get along with it; such moments, though, never stretch to allow you to add such music into your library, because they are only momentary.

But this album, it came alive in me, attached itself to the coldest places in my heart, seeped into the most deserted places in my mind, stacked itself above all my insecurities, and filled them with not what I can call joy, or hype, but just conscious soulful, understanding. It is not the type of music that everyone listens to, but what the heck. It is freaking amazing. With a mixture of ambience, soft and hard beats, plus pure chilling rhythm, I can listen to the album over and over again. However, it is the only album that I can listen to when I feel like no one else is listening, or paying attention. It’s the only music that clocks with those moments when I don’t understand myself.

Hey now, Darling Are You Gonna leave me, you Shyer and Strong soul, If you wait, through the Interlude of Metal & Dust, the Sights of the days When we were Young, Maybe I will Help you Stay awake, while wasting my young years, in the Flickers of the High Life to Help me lose my mind. Now, I realised that I just iterated through the songs in the whole album, but these are mostly the words that I can listen to during those nights of insomnia, or a hot summer road trip, and even before doing anything that scares the shit out of me, because it speaks to me, and asks me what are you afraid of? coz nothing else matters, apart from this moment, now where I have possibility.


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