Of Times and Peoples

It’s the normal buzz and groovy hype-filled air that made me just sit down and pause. If this was the famous movie Click, and reality was interchangeable with fantasy, then I would pause onto this moment and just sigh. I am at home. Feeling at home is something I have not felt for a loooong time. But now, with smiles here and there, people teasing each other and manufacturing candid smiles, and rich laughter, as well as nice home cooked meals of nyama choma, ugali and Chapati; all one can do is simply share in the moment. This was my Christmas, spent in the woods, with a group of a very lovely Kenyan family.

I got a chance to slide in the snow, and I think it’s a thing I became addicted to doing. And although my guts were literally jumping around my body like a ping pong game, it felt good in the end-You know that feeling that you get when you thought that something was so scary, but in the end you wonder what in the hell were you scared of?- That was the exact same feeling, plus sheer raw excitement.

However, everything in the end was centered around this group of people who share a sense of where you come from, and who you can only pour out your love for. It’s one thing giving gifts around Christmas, but it’s a completely whole other thing when the shared experience of togetherness and joy overshadows all the plasticity of the simple gift giving and receiving ; and whole commercialization that can stifle a real Christmas experience


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