Total Elevation

img_3445The Strangeness, of not being where you have never been, is a feeling that kept creeping up upon me each time I looked down upon the chilling 86th floor vantage point of the Empire State Building [Otherwise referred to as EBS; though this abbreviation doesn’t pack with it the punch of its full name]. Back to my point here. I imagine myself dropping something from that height. Hmm… and it will probably splatter, and shutter, and break into smithereens by the time it kisses the sweet concrete surface. How petty; but man, has reached this height of elevation, and keeps going up and up, maybe reach the skies.

This makes me think of how Philippe Petit, overcame the fear of height to wire walk across the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in 1974. Fear, is something that I feel, and people feel, when the images of the worst comes to mind; the worst outcome when someone first drives a car; the worst outcome when someone speaks in front of a crowd, the worst outcome when someone tries out something new. But there is something about being at this height that simply gets to your nerves, and pushes you, like a voice saying “How high can you go?” Its compelling, like an itch that requires scratching. And we all know how it feels when we reach a new level in something, that we have never reached before- in one piece; a good relationship, a successful hike, a finished race, a new job contract, etc.; each that was once a choice to overcome that fear that was tugging one back on the shoulders, because, all that one needs to do is to push it away, and go against gravity.

Gravity… Gravity…


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