Gums and Popsicles

apology-accepted-01I’m sorry America, for being here.

I’m sorry for being the only black Kenyan in this place.

I’m sorry that I breathe your air, and giving out funny gasses when I’m full of beans and eggs

I’m sorry I often do not know what o choose to eat because there are very many choices, so I eat the same thing every single time. – Burger and Pepsi

Because that’s what I see you eating

I’m sorry that I do not speak as well as you because we are programmed to say words as they are and I have to make myself sound funny each time I speak so that I don’t have to Come again

I’m sorry that every time I have to use money, I have to convert to Kenyan shillings in my head so that I can turn on that Kenyan instinct that tells me if something is just outrageously expensive

I’m sorry that everyone is so white, and everyone seems to know how to become more white

And I’m sorry that this place is too hot like my mama’s oven


I do apologize for any inconveniences caused and do hope that you do not burn my country down

With Guns and Grenades

Or rather Gums and Popsicles



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