An Interlude

rocks make for good tales, Seattle 5.8.2019

Questions have shapes.
What pulls us to certain things and not to others?
What makes us hurt and laugh out loud?
What places do we go that we never return?

The shapes of people, ideas, places drive into our subconscious and become fantasies and desires – waking one up at night to another sip of wine; making one forget the past while another living for that yesterday and all that happened; some other exorcises all the bad and lives for the good.

Neither this or that is wrong. But truth stays put, unmoving, until it meets with other truths and no one knows what to do but to ignore it or run away with the versions of truth that they preach. A gospel.

Who looks back at the shell once the bird rises tall above the trees?

I’ve thought about following the truths and the tales that keep me restless in my dreams and in broad daylight. And therefore, after having faltered in making a choice, I decided I will.

The notes, I shall keep and maybe one day share, if relevant. This will forever be my second home that I might return to if the universe calls. But if not, I will still keep on searching because, I too am made of different hues.

We will meet again dear reader.