Survivor’s Guilt

Friendships and relationships break off for different reasons. Reasons that we choose or end up becoming inevitable. Recently, I came to witness the breakdown of one of this close friendships of mine (the overarching theme of this week's posts), and the headlining feature cause of this was just how much I withheld or how much … Continue reading Survivor’s Guilt


Love Politics

Nothing is more unsatisfying than empty love. i.e. love that has no basis for existence and just wafts away into being like a bubble in a canned soda- momentarily floating to the top- but popping thereafter the air within that was used to temporarily preserve the liquid substance in the bottle. Be it a longing … Continue reading Love Politics

Dealing with disappointments

I have never understood disappointment, never known how to deal with disappointment, I dread disappointment, and I am not always super excited to stare disappointment at its face. But each time I take way more weight than my muscle can lift, disappointment comes knocking, and when I open the door, it knocks me down hard. Thus far, disappointments have only shown me that I barely know my limits in some things that I take on, and while I try to take them on bravely, I can only do so much.