Concerning a Dissemblance.

Once there was, there is there will be tales that stay with us until we reach for them

A solo anthem

Sip wine. One hand,hold hope loosely in the other.Stranger to self,master to none. Do they have a term for one who suffers a great deal;but knows not its nature anymore;hears not when It calls on his heart to tear itself out? Sip wine. One gulp,throw wind to shame with the other.Does space pierce the eternal … Continue reading A solo anthem


Delight and mud entangle; a soft and lucid embrace. Where holes string sorrow, I dwell on the edges, Of sin and grace. Ask and thou shalt receive, But believe not that it comes cheap. None has your eyes. Gulfs of salt and tears. They run on the inside. None bears your stride. Fear shadows peace. … Continue reading Alt+F4

Vocal Cords

Between stands and heaven, Songs pry on the hopes. Far into peaks, Gliding beneath the fray, Lies and truths become mates; Entangling holy veins and splinters, That poke into bare bones and foray! How high can one’s voice rise... A lifetime of closed lips?